Monday, October 10, 2011

Owl Cupcakes

Need something for a Halloween party for those little stinkers? Well here is a cute idea. I made these for my granddaughter’s birthday party as she was into owls at the time.

Again, this comes from my favorite cupcake cookbook, Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Track & Alan Richardson.

The only thing I can say is plan to spend a lot of time creating these. There is a trick in separating the Oreo cookie, you must twist the cookie very slow—as slow as you possibly can and then you’ll have better luck at keeping the icing on one side of the cookie (which you need for the eyes).

What’s all on the face? Oreo cookies—just one side with the icing and on top of that a Junior Mint. The beak is a piece of candy—a banana runt.

And what do you do with that other half of the Oreo cookie with no icing? You cut it in half, well that's what it said. But I cut off more in the middle, so that the owl's ears would be smaller. You could probably go smaller than what I did. Those are then covered with (chocolate) icing.

Hope you owl have a Happy Halloween!


  1. "Plan to spend a lot of time creating these"....Gee, I wonder why!? Lynn, you are so talented and have the patience and desire to make such wonderful meals and desserts!