Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doggie Cupcakes

If you really want to be creative—and use a lot of time doing so—try making these doggie cupcakes. This came from the cookbook, Hello, Cupcakes! by Karen Track & Alan Richardson. They have some of the cutest and most clever ideas on cupcakes.

I made these doggie cupcakes for my granddaughter, Logan’s birthday one year. You were supposed to make each dog a different breed. HA. Making the same breed for all cupcakes proved challenging enough. I picked what I thought would be the easiest. Not so sure about that.

When my granddaughter first saw the doggie cupcakes, she wanted to know if they were elephants.

“What? Elephants? Do you see trunks on those heads?”


“Come again.”

“Oh... doggies.”

Woof, that’s better.

The ears are tootsie rolls—rolled out (after warmed a slight bit in the microwave) then shaped. The eyes and nose are black jelly beans. The tongue is a strawberry starburst—kneaded like silly putty, then shaped.

The cookbook called for a chocolate icing, but my chocolate icing was a lot darker than the ears and well, I wanted it to match. I took some white icing and mixed it with the chocolate until I got the desired result.

Who says I just sit around and eat cupcakes… errr… I mean bon-bons?

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  1. The doggie cupcakes are adorable!
    My granddaughter's favorite birthday dessert is dirt cake.