Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spahetti Cupcakes

You all remember me talking about Bunco in one of my previous sweet treats (Hot Fudge Cake), well when it’s your turn to host Bunco (everyone takes a turn), you’re in charge of food and drinks and prizes. One time I made lasagna and then had spaghetti cupcakes for dessert. Sounds kind of weird until you sink your teeth into these cupcakes.

I got the idea from the book Hello, Cupcake! If you like to have fun creating desserts, this book is the one to get for all kinds of crazy ideas on making cupcakes. Allow yourself a lot of time to decorate—this isn’t for the faint of heart—but if you follow the directions, you should be able to master them for the most part.

Making the cupcakes them selves are easy. I think they have a recipe in the book, but I use a boxed cake mix. This saves a little bit of time. You buy whatever kind of icing you want also or you could mix up a batch of your favorite. If you have ziplock or plastic bags (or if you’re a real pro and have a pastry bag, that works too). You fill the icing in the bag, snip off the corner and squeeze a bunch of squirrely lines all over the cup cakes. Top it with a round chocolate candy that is covered in strawberry jam.

There are other cupcakes that I have made from this book (to be posted later). There you go Sioux—the mystery is solved about what Linda was talking about with my cupcakes.


  1. Lynn,
    Real spaghetti? Or the spaghetti appearance of the icing?

  2. Icing - the appearance of spaghetti!

  3. You never know. Ashley Lawlor is making bacon cupcakes with bacon grease frosting. Now doesn't that sound like a killer?

  4. I can't come here. I gain weight just by looking at the pictures. Man, that looks good!